The Cross at Forgiveness Hill

The Cross at Forgiveness Hill –
A Spectacular Wedding Ceremony Venue

Rising high above Kendall County, Forgiveness Hill is one of the most remarkable elements of Happy H Ranch.

The combination of the big blue Texas sky and the natural elements surrounding the 75-foot tall, 34-foot wide cross, create a backdrop for an outdoor wedding ceremony venue. What better place is there to make a lifelong promise to God and each other on your wedding day? Floodlights illuminate the Cross at night, creating a truly magnificent view.

You will find both breathtaking vistas and convenient amenities at this gem atop Forgiveness Hill. Ranch staff will provide transportation both to and from for you and your guests, allowing you to do nothing but enjoy your event at this unforgettable spot.  This hilltop ceremony venue has a small chapel and guest restrooms. 

Looking at pictures is great, but we’d rather have you out to see firsthand.  

Contact us for more information, pricing packages, schedule a tour and see what we have to offer.

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